Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farewell Team 3!

Never thought I would write non-machining related post on this blog of mine. Today marks the last day of Team 3 at work. This team was formed almost 5 years ago with Reggie (my boss), taking the helm. All of us worked hard to keep it as a unit, taking it from also scratch to be the top team in it's 2nd year. We're brothers & sisters in arms (our financial calculators, be it FC100, FC200, the new FC100V, or TI). We stick together through thick and thin. Disagreements did occur but the spirit of the team smoothened all opened wounds. Of the original members, only 3 are left, new folks were quickly settled into the family that I hold dearly in my heart.

We came a long way. Sad to be dispersed due to the re-org. I will always remember the days we fought hand in hand, the laughters, the curses & swears, and even the arguments we had.

I'm missing it already...

Let's enjoy ourselves in BKK, our last trip as a team. Let no fear of what's coming at us ahead bother us these few days.

So long, Team 3...

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