Sunday, November 7, 2010

8-Direction Vertical Milling Column Upgrade - Done!!!

Little time in the shop resulted in no updates for the past weeks.  With the market slowing, I don't know why I'm still so busy.

The column upgrade was finally completed with slight modification to the length of the leadscrew.  As mentioned in my previous post, rotating the circular clamping disk didn't allow the vise to clear the disk.  I bought the column spacer to provide the clearance required.  But the spindle is lifted so high that it couldn't get down low enough to do any useful work.

This seems to be the max the spindle can go down to.

I saw that the leadscrew's end was "tucked" inside the clamping disk and realized that I need to shorten the screw a little.  So out came the Proxxon vise.

Sawing off a short section of the leadscrew.

A little too short but its working fine

Tramming came next.  Roughly getting into position:

Using DTI to get the column square to X and Y axes:

The rectangular piece is the Proxxon parallel

Best I can do for this

After tramming, I tried to "flycut" with an endmill held in the ER16 collet.  The result was good as I can get to 2 decimal places accuracy (in mm).  I've never gotten so close.  Rather happy with the result of this upgrade.  The 8 direction column makes tramming much easier than my previous setup.  Should have bought the 2010 mill right at the onset.

Further milling revealed that I may have a problem with my mill slipping out of the ER16 collet during cut.  I changed to an endmill holder and the problem went away.  Need to solve this as the ER16 way of holding tools is the most convenient to me.  Anyone with suggestions please share.

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